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If the opening bid is one notrump, responder is able to bid a five-card or longer major suit. This allows your partnership to locate a 5-3 or 6-2 major-suit trump fit. But what about a 4-4 trump fit? Remember that your primary bidding goal is to locate an eight-card major suit fit, no matter how those cards are divided.This is the main purpose of the Stayman convention — to find a 4-4 major-suit trump fit after a notrump opening bid.

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In contract bridge, the Stayman convention is a convention used to find a four-four trump fit in a major suit after someone opens the bidding with a bid of 1 No Trump. It may also be modified for use after an opening 2 No Trump or a strong 3 No Trump bid. The opening bidder's partner, the responder, bids 2 Clubs to ask the no trump bidder to name a four card major suit if he has one.

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uppet Stayman is a specialized version of regular Stayman that is popularly used in response to a 2NT opening bid. Beginning an auction with 2NT has pluses and minuses. In the plus column, opener gets to convey her strength (for the purpose of this column, we’ll define 2NT as showing 20 to 21 high-card points) and relative shape, which is, of

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Checkback Stayman(sometimes called Delayed Stayman), a 2 response after partner's suit opening, your Major response and his NT re-bid (which showed a balanced hand with 15-17HCP). With 10+ points, bid if your 1st bid Major was a 5-carder (he already knows it had 4), or if the unbid one is a 4-carder.

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Jul 03, 2013 · The Stayman convention over one no-trump is a prime example of constructive improvement in scope which accomplishes a great deal more than its primary intention of finding a 4-4 major suit fit. Before you dismiss this idea, ask yourself some of the following questions.

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Bridge Hands » Stayman, 4-4 fits Using The Stayman Convention : Page 1 North Q J 6 2 J 6 A K 7 6 5 3 2 West East South "COUNTING DEFENSIVE TRICKS" South: West: North: East : 1NT: Pass: 2 : Pass : 2 : Pass: 4 : Pass : Pass: Pass : 1NT is 16-18 pts. North bids 2C Stayman to see if South has a 4 card major. 2S shows a 4 carder and North jumps to ...

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Understanding Stayman and Transfers Stayman and transfers are the most universally used conventions of all, but their subtleties are still not fully appreciated by many players. This article attempts to correct that. Stayman Over partner’s 1NT opening the responder bids …

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Oct 14, 2019 · The Stayman Convention Cheat Sheet (Download: Improve Bridge) The Stayman Convention is like the chromatic scale of bridge: Endlessly useful, and one of the first things that new players should learn. From the website Improve Bridge, you can download this handy and printable Stayman Convention cheat sheet.

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The Stayman convention was . not invented by Sam Stayman! It was actually invented in the U.S. by George Rapée. Stayman, however, published an article about the 2 bid in June of 1945 in The Bridge World, and his name became associated with the convention. In Britain, J.C.H. Marx de-vised a similar 2 convention in

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Stayman 2 ♣ kender alle der har været på begynderkursus i bridge. Alligevel kan der være grund til at opsummere de generelle principper, for der er ikke så få der roder lidt rundt i konventionen. Stayman bruges af Svarer efter åbning 1ut, 2ut, sekvensen 2 ♣ - 2 ♦, 2ut (22-24 hp) samt efter indmeldingen 1ut som jo viser 15-17 (18).

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The Stayman Convention Stayman is used after partner opens 1NT. You bid 2C asking if they have a 4 card major suit. If they do they bid it and hopefully it matches yours. If they don't have a 4 card major they bid 2D, and then you get to decide where you want to play instead. Stayman

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STAYMAN This is probably the most well-known convention (this or Blackwood) in bridge. It is used after a notrump bid to look for an 8-card major suit fit. After partner's 1NT opening, responder will want to look for a 4-4 major suit fit, with say: A Q 6 5 6 5 K J 8 7 J 3 2. To ask opener if …

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Source: Wikipedia 1m – 1M; 1NT – 2. 2 Checkback Stayman (or simply Checkback) is used after a 1NT rebid by opener rather than a 1NT opening. It is used to “check back” if opener has major suit support, saying nothing additional about the club suit. It can find 3-5 fits, 4-4 fits (in Standard American) and 5-3 fits (in Acol), and also shows whether opener was maximum or minimum strength ...

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Search Results for: puppet stayman Bridge Terminology The vernacular of bridge is colorful, and it might take a new player a period of time to acclimate to a new …

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Stayman can also be used after an opening bid of two no-trumps (2NT). A three clubs response is then Stayman. The Stayman convention was popularized by Sam Stayman, a wealthy businessman and bridge expert in the mid-20th century. Blackwood is a convention for bidding slam contracts.

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The more modern convention is Nonforcing Stayman — over the 2 negative answer, 2 and 2 are weak and should be passed. So, when you are weak but 5-4 in the majors, you can try for a 4-4 fit and still play in your 5 card suit if you don’t find the 4-4 fit.