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To quickly create a first line indent using the ruler, see Create a first line indent. Choose Hanging > By to create a hanging indent. To quickly create a hanging indent using the ruler, see Create a hanging indent. Mirror indents. When you choose this, Left and Right become …

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Oct 18, 2011 · 9. Place your cursor before the second line of the paragraph you want to set the hanging indent in. 10. Double-click the 'Hanging indent' entry in the Styles and Formatting dialog box. The default setting for the hanging indent in OpenOffice Writer is .19 inches.To change the hanging indent setting, right-click the 'Hanging Indent' entry.

Hanging Indent Openoffice

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Apr 26, 2008 · How To Set A Hanging Indent in 5 spaces in OpenOffice? This is for the works cited page for my research paper. I need the first line of that source to still be on margin while the second line to be five spaces from margin. Source(s): set hanging indent 5 spaces openoffice

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Oct 22, 2019 · The Relevant CSS Rules for Hanging Indents. The trick to making a hanging indent is to first indent the whole paragraph. This can be done either by setting the left margin or the left padding. The example below uses padding-left to accomplish it, but you can also use margin-left if you prefer.

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To create a hanging indent enter a positive value for "Before text" and a negative value for "First line". To indent the first line of a paragraph that uses numbering or bullets, choose "Format - Bullets and Numbering - Position". Automatic Automatically indents a paragraph according to …

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The paragraph without numbering is ok with "indent before text" set to 1 and "first line" set to -1 (minus 1) - nothing gets lost. A negative first line value in open-office is a hanging indent in ms-word. A distance to text in open-office numbering is a kind of negative first line value.

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Choose Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing to change the indents for the current paragraph or for all selected paragraphs. You can also set indents using the ruler.. Right-click a paragraph and choose Edit Paragraph Style - Indents & Spacing to change the indents for all paragraphs that have the same Paragraph Style.. Indents are calculated with respect to the left and right page margins.

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How to I create a hanging indent in Open Office? 1. Go to Format -> Paragraph. 2. In Indents & Spacing tab, enter 0.5 in the Before text block, and enter-0.5 (that’s minus .5) in the First line block. 3. Change the Line spacing to double. 1 inch margin on all sides Double-space within and between entries. Hanging Indent: Second line ½ inch indent

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Jul 31, 2019 · Under Indentation, use the Special pull-down menu to select hanging; Use the By menu to select 0.5" For multiple Citations in a References, Works Cited or Bibliography Page. Once you've applied the hanging indent using the technique above, hit enter after your citation. If you are typing your citation it should keep the same formatting.

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The left edge of the paragraph is indented with respect to the left page margin. In right-to-left languages, the right edge of the paragraph is indented with respect to the right page margin. For a hanging indent, enter a positive value for Before text and a negative value for First line.